We Automate Your Reports and Slide Decks

Don't wait for analytics. Stop fiddling with clumsy BI and presentation software. Create live-updating, interactive reports and content for your executives and customers at the click of a button.

For Analytics Teams

Help your analysts generate insight and spend less time building tedious reports

For Revenue Operations

Focus your account executives on closing deals and automate their sales content

For Professional Services

Receive notifications and analyze how clients engage with your content

CRM Integration

We build CRM integrations of the Presalytics API so sales and marketing teams have a fast and simple way create, manage, monitor content. We are a Salesforce ISV partner, and our APIs are straightforward to integrate with most any CRM tool.

Simplified Collaboration

Presalytics makes collaboration with your colleagues and customers easier by integrating natively into your communication platforms. We support Slack and email, and we are adding new integrations all the time.

Get Started Quickly

No complicated server setup needed

Real-time Analytics

Live presentations update as your data changes

Eliminate Meetings

Build self-explanatory analytics and improve productivity

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out via phone or email...

Phone: +1 (415) 488-6811

... or find us on these platforms

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